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mkarwin immersed in print

Once, there were hard-covered, leather-finished tomes. I love those...

Still, I am far more omnivorous reader, incl. of paperbacks & ebooks.

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EVE: Era Empireum
Tony Gonzales, Adrian Napieralski
Metro 2033
Dmitry Glukhovsky
Blue Remembered Earth
Alastair Reynolds
Ziarna Ziemi (Ogień ludzkości, #1)
Michael Cobley
Ubuntu Unleashed 2014 Edition: Covering 13.10 and 14.04 (9th Edition)
Matthew Helmke

Bored of the Rings: A Parody of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

Bored of the Rings: A Parody of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings - The Harvard Lampoon, Henry Beard, Douglas C. Kenney Tolkien is thy master, Tolkien is right and the Silmarillion, LotR, short stories and Hobbit as well, make your bible. Thou shall never wrong thy masters words, thou shall never amuse yourself with his words 'cause they are the only truth... That seems to be the motto of all those die-hard Tolkien fans. Sure, recent movies might have changed the lot a bit, but when joining that herd be sure to follow those rules... but what if you're more into funny stuff? What if you know the LotR throughout, if you know 99% of popular movies and books, what then? What does that make you? In short, the adressee of this short story... Imagine for a moment that you can lash out at the fantasy bible? But is it possible? Sure, just add some laugh-out-loud elements, mocking parody with a scent of irony and mix it with regular lampoon-like attention to details and here you have it - "Bored of the Rings" is born, or rather moulded...Why little hobbits are so eager to walk across lands and risk their lives on a quest to save the lands? They do not know others, heck they do not even like others and vice versa... Should they even go where dusty old street-fare wizards would never commit themselves? And why on earth do those elves keep them away from strangers? Is it because of their purity of the blood? Of their belief their better than others? So why not just let them deal with the nightmares? Maybe all those elders wth their high sitting positions and power over lands are only fakes and stupid ones? Are you tormented by these questions? (Cue: if yes go to bookstore and get this book, if no - do the same nonetheless) Maybe a bit of a fresh halfling blood and their wits would unravel the truth behind the idealised bible's story?Are you ready to find out what really happened and how the truth got distorted into Tolkien's universe of heroes and heroines? If you're armed with your wits and know what's what in LotR and elsewhere than this atrocious shameful deformation of a typical and world-famous from-zero-to-hero story of brave ones on the quest is just for you. And please try not to be too hampered by aforementioned commandments... Then, and only then, thou shall see a myriad of ways the original fellowship of the ring haven't even thought of. But remember! If you do not know the story of LotR well enough or your wisecracking witticismarising mind can't cope with the detailed alterations do not hurt yourself and spend the time and cash elsewhere. Otherwise, it's time to party with the halflings and their comrades.