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mkarwin immersed in print

Once, there were hard-covered, leather-finished tomes. I love those...

Still, I am far more omnivorous reader, incl. of paperbacks & ebooks.

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Alastair Reynolds
Ziarna Ziemi (Ogień ludzkości, #1)
Michael Cobley
Ubuntu Unleashed 2014 Edition: Covering 13.10 and 14.04 (9th Edition)
Matthew Helmke

Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize ROI

Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize Roi - Lyndsay Wise A little too simplistic, a little too easy and general, when being introduced to the topic this book allows for a comprehensive generalisation without any specific technology influences. However, this works only for an introduction and for people not exactly in the IT department where less-management and more solutions are needed. Sure, it works when preparing to show the solutions and ideas to other company members but it just won't cut it for an IT geek among you. At least you can get your boss to get you this book, skim through it and then pass it to him. If it reaches the proper ground, the book might encourage your team-mates and department heads to finally jump onto the open-source or freeware wagon. If you're simply interested in the idea or want to switch from closed apps, it's a good start point. Yet, by the time you get to the 50th page you'll realise how enigmatic and over-generalised the authors' view-point is. But at the same time, you'll already be testing different solutions found thanks to this book's points of interest. As I said - it's just the beginning of the journey, far enough for a non-IT person to comprehense and get hooked, easy enough for non-economics or non-management one to understand the processes and obtain the knowledge of what to look for when discussing the solutions with those non-geeky ones.