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mkarwin immersed in print

Once, there were hard-covered, leather-finished tomes. I love those...

Still, I am far more omnivorous reader, incl. of paperbacks & ebooks.

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EVE: Era Empireum
Tony Gonzales, Adrian Napieralski
Metro 2033
Dmitry Glukhovsky
Blue Remembered Earth
Alastair Reynolds
Ziarna Ziemi (Ogień ludzkości, #1)
Michael Cobley
Ubuntu Unleashed 2014 Edition: Covering 13.10 and 14.04 (9th Edition)
Matthew Helmke

Mass Effect: Retribution

Mass Effect: Retribution - Drew Karpyshyn Short of Mass Effect universe and space opera climate, the story is pretty much simple. Gruesome revenge gone bad, the Illusive Man's experiments on Grayson. That Grayson who worked for and than crossed Cerberus to save the daughter not from his flesh, who somehow becomes a mercenary working for an asari Omega station kingpin whilst also having an affair with another one after being indoctrinated by Cerberus for years, and who cared for Sanders after the previous story adventures. As Cerberus finds him and makes him their lab rat, the story begins to unfold. Sanders tries to save him with the help of her friends from the past. Omega kingpin tries to get him thinking he crossed her. In the result, the Illusive Man changes him into the Reapers' technology vessel and, due to the daring rescue attempt, this lab rat gets free to roam the space. The plot gets intertwined with the previous story and games plots a bit as even the enemies start to work together for the common good. The story is heavily based on the game and placed more than a decade after the attack on the central space station, after Cerberus worked with Shepard... Though, better than the first book, possibly slightly better than the second book of the series, some of the plot lines still lacked better conception. On the plus side, it's packed with action, adventures and characters better developped than previous book instalments. Is it good? Not great, but certainly above the acceptable level. Would I suggest it to someone? Maybe only to a ME fan or space opera maniac to introduce him to the ME universe if (s)he declined playing the game series...